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Luchelle Bianca Camille Villanueva Punzalan is thuu name. Senior high at PCSHS.
May 21 1993 (you do the math!).

By the way, I have millions of words to tell who I am exactly and it's pretty odd to type it all in this tiny box. But I'd love to tell you few words about me. I simply love my life and I admit I'm not perfect. I am happy with who I am . God has given me so many wonderful blessings and I'm so grateful of it. I absolutely love my cool family and my oh! so crazy friends. I always want to make a person SMILEü. I am fond of laughing ~ haha!. Loves to mingle and having new friends. I am easy but sometimes, i get moody too. Luchelle is a certified crazy fangirl of IKUTA TOMA! - love him!♥. I am musically inclined! so in love with music! (I am a self-proclaimed singer XD).

I'm a type of person who would rather choose to have my mind dominate my feelings to have a better grip on my decisions. Too much feeling can cloud the real issue. I'm fine but sometimes I screw up. Which means I'm not perfect. I'm just a normal kid like YOU! :))

Just married with ikuta toma, lee min ho and enchong dee ♥ *futuristic theme :DD*
Haha, 100% true :DD I don't mind shitty teenage LOVE for now. It's not lovelier than having good friends around you.

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